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Abstract Management LLC, has been managing co-op’s and condo’s since 1987. Our management team has a hands-on, proactive approach, which anticipates rather than reacts to situations.

We employ sophisticated management skills in dealing with cash management, financial reporting, budgeting (including fuel usage and cost), contract negotiations, etc.

Our Management offers:

Full range of Management Services
is a fully computerized, small, yet productive company which provides a full range of management and consulting services to meet the needs of property owners;
Highest Quality Services
is dedicated to providing the highest quality personalized service that buildings require by having the principal of the firm oversee each client/building. We are fully accountable for the well being of the residents as well as the physical maintenance of the property;
30 Years Experience
has more than 30 years experience in managing Real Estate. Through our extensive experience and bulk purchasing ability, we can save you money.

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